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Future Weaponry: Introducing a Smart Gun with Owner Recognition Capability

by | Mar 23, 2024

Biofire, a Colorado-based startup, is set to unveil the world’s first biometrically secure smart firearm at the end of this month. This cutting-edge 9mm pistol, equipped with fingerprint and 3D infrared facial recognition technology, is designed to only fire when in the hands of authorized users. Following an initial release priced at $1,899, the company plans to offer pre-orders at $1,499, with deliveries expected in early 2025.

Key Features

Weighing just over 1 kg, Biofire’s groundbreaking Guardian biometric engine enables the Smart Gun to be unlocked in any situation. Its integrated identification systems, operational even in low-light conditions, independently verify biometric data to ensure seamless user recognition, even if the user is wearing gloves or has their face covered. Additionally, the firearm automatically locks the moment it is no longer in the user’s hand, providing immediate security to prevent misuse or unauthorized access.

Safety Concerns and Responses

The driving force behind this innovation is Kai Kloepfer, CEO and founder of Biofire, who revealed to NBC News on Thursday that the development of this weapon was inspired by the tragic 2012 shooting at a cinema in Aurora, Colorado. Kloepfer dedicated years of his life to creating a technological solution to prevent similar incidents. He asserts that “his product has undergone rigorous testing and promises reliability superior to the biometric sensors found in current smartphones.”

However, the introduction of this technology into the market faces challenges and skepticism, particularly from gun rights advocates, who fear the potential for remote disabling, even by government entities. Biofire seeks to address these concerns by assuring users that remote access to their firearm is not possible, aiming to build trust in the safety and security of their product.




















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