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Sat, Jun 22 | 12:56 pm

CD Projekt Red Concludes Work on Cyberpunk 2077, Shifts Focus to The Witcher 4

by | Jun 7, 2024

June 7, 2024 – In a significant shift for CD Projekt Red, the Polish video game developer has confirmed that no team members are currently working on “Cyberpunk 2077.” This announcement marks the end of an era for the company, which had been focused on the development and improvement of the game since its highly anticipated release in December 2020.

The confirmation came during CD Projekt Red’s latest quarterly earnings call, where the company revealed that all remaining developers previously assigned to “Cyberpunk 2077” have now been moved to other projects. This transition follows the release of the game’s final expansion, “Phantom Liberty,” in September 2023, which concluded the major updates for the game​ (PlayStation Universe)​​ (80 Level)​.

A New Focus: The Witcher 4

The majority of CD Projekt Red’s development team is now focused on the next installment in the Witcher series, tentatively titled “The Witcher 4” and codenamed Polaris. According to the company’s reports, over 400 developers out of the studio’s 630 employees are currently working on Polaris. This major shift indicates the company’s commitment to advancing the Witcher franchise, which has been a cornerstone of their success​ (80 Level)​.

Piotr Karwowski, CD Projekt’s joint chief operating officer, addressed the transition during the earnings call, emphasizing the company’s forward-looking approach. “I would actually not look at Cyberpunk as the guidebook of how it’s going to be with The Witcher specifically,” Karwowski stated, hinting at a more measured and potentially less turbulent development and marketing strategy for their upcoming projects​ (80 Level)​.

Looking Back and Moving Forward

The journey of “Cyberpunk 2077” has been a tumultuous one, characterized by high expectations, a rocky launch, and a series of updates aimed at addressing the game’s numerous issues. Initially announced in 2012, the game finally launched in 2020, only to face significant backlash due to performance issues, particularly on older console platforms. Over time, CD Projekt Red released numerous patches and updates, culminating in the well-received “Phantom Liberty” expansion​ (PlayStation Universe)​​ (80 Level)​.

Now, as CD Projekt Red looks to the future, the focus is firmly on “The Witcher 4.” With a large portion of their development resources dedicated to this new project, fans of the Witcher series can look forward to what promises to be another expansive and immersive RPG experience. While specific details about “The Witcher 4” remain under wraps, the anticipation is already building among the gaming community.




















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