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Sat, Jun 22 | 12:43 pm

Possible Claims Against Ronald Plasterk After U.S. Patent Approval

by | May 20, 2024

Former microbiologist and minister Ronald Plasterk is facing potential claims due to errors in his U.S. patent application. Patent specialist Koos Rasser suggests that these errors could render the patent invalid and worthless, enabling affected parties to pursue legal action against Plasterk. The contentious patent involves a cancer therapy that earned Plasterk millions after his ministerial career, while another scientist and the Amsterdam UMC were reportedly disadvantaged. The Amsterdam UMC is investigating the matter in consultation with Plasterk but has yet to release details.

The issue is politically sensitive, particularly as Plasterk is considered a candidate for prime minister in a new cabinet. PVV leader Geert Wilders supports his candidacy, but other parties, including NSC, have raised questions about the patent controversy. NSC leader Pieter Omtzigt recently met with Plasterk, though the outcome of their discussion remains unknown.

The crux of the problem, according to NRC, is Plasterk’s claim that he is the sole inventor of certain cancer vaccines, which is reportedly false. Plasterk maintains that he, the former director of AMC, and another researcher collectively decided six years ago that he was the inventor.

Furthermore, NRC reports on a message from Professor of Medical Oncology Kees Punt to Plasterk, suggesting revisions to an apology letter. Punt advises Plasterk to admit that he used data from fellow scientists without involving them. Plasterk denies the contents of the message.

Lawyer Henri Sarolea has filed a complaint against Plasterk for forgery, alleging inaccuracies in the company’s financial statements. Plasterk responds that any errors in the financial statements were unintentional and notes that his company is supported by an accounting firm.

Political leaders, including Wilders and the heads of VVD, NSC, and BBB, have not yet commented on the NRC article.




















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