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Destiny 2 Rises From the Ashes: Playerbase Soars After Content Reinvigoration

by | May 2, 2024

Destiny 2, the popular looter shooter from Bungie, is experiencing a resurgence in player activity after a rough start to its latest expansion, Lightfall. The tide appears to have turned thanks to the recently launched Season of the Wish and the transition of the “Into the Light” expansion to a free-to-play model.

SteamCharts, a service that tracks player activity on Steam, paints a clear picture: Destiny 2’s average daily player count on PC has jumped an impressive 48% over the past month. This surge sees the average daily player count reach 58,629, a significant improvement compared to March 2024’s figures. The positive trend continues when looking at peak player counts. April 2024 boasted a peak of 123,508 concurrent players, a massive leap from the stagnant figures of around 40,000-50,000 observed in February and January.

It’s worth noting that these figures only represent the PC player base. Destiny 2’s roots lie on consoles, having debuted as a console exclusive back in 2014. This means there’s likely a substantial player base on PlayStation and Xbox that isn’t reflected in SteamCharts data. The true scope of Destiny 2’s resurgence might be even greater than what the PC numbers suggest.

While the current numbers are a positive sign, Destiny 2 hasn’t quite returned to its former glory. The all-time peak player count of 316,651 concurrent players, achieved in February 2023, remains unmatched. However, the recent uptick in activity indicates that Bungie’s efforts to reignite player interest are proving successful. The introduction of engaging content with Season of the Wish and the strategic shift to a free-to-play model for “Into the Light” seem to be paying dividends. With continued focus on delivering quality content and experiences, Destiny 2 may well climb even higher in the future.




















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