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Stratix Unveils Revamped Framework for 5G Frequencies in Aruba

by | Apr 10, 2024

In an interactive workshop led by Rudolf van der Berg on April 3, 2024, the consultancy firm Stratix provided insight into its recommendation for a revised compensation model for the use of 5G frequencies in Aruba. This model, designed to stimulate usage and economic development in the era of 5G, has garnered attention from stakeholders across various sectors. The recommendation was commissioned by Minister Geoffrey Wever and the Directorate of Telecommunications.

Attendees, comprising representatives from the telecommunications sector, governmental and non-governmental institutions, including Minister Geoffrey Wever, were presented with a detailed explanation of Stratix’s proposal. The proposed compensation model seeks to strike a balance between fair compensation/revenue generation for usage and the stimulation of necessary investments in infrastructure such as antennas and networks.

This approach addresses the challenges of the current spectrum compensation system, dating back to 2002, which has remained unchanged since then. The proposed model makes it costly for providers to implement additional frequencies to achieve higher speeds and better coverage.

Stratix emphasizes the importance of a model that can sustain innovation and development in the telecom market, leading to faster mobile internet.

With this recommendation, Stratix proposes a fixed sum as annual compensation, regardless of the amount of spectrum used. This makes the model more accessible and inclusive, encouraging both new and existing providers to maximize spectrum usage and thus achieve the maximum possible cellular breadth and coverage within internationally established frameworks.

The workshop was organized to promote constructive dialogue and consultation with stakeholders before making a decision. Their feedback and comments are of critical importance and will be taken into account in the development of a new compensation model. This will be a fundamental step in shaping the future management and mobile connectivity in Aruba.





















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