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Destiny 2 Unveils Details on the Game-Changing Prismatic Subclass

by | Apr 11, 2024

Get ready to wield the power of both Light and Darkness, Guardians. In the recent Livestream event about Into The Light, Bungie has dropped a bomb on Destiny 2 players, revealing a treasure trove of details about the upcoming Prismatic subclass. This brand new powerset throws out the traditional subclass structure, allowing Guardians to craft their ultimate combat style by mixing and matching abilities from both Light and Darkness subclasses.

This in-depth information dump comes just six hours ago in a blog post by Bungie. It dives deep into the mechanics of the Prismatic subclass, including a comprehensive list of all available abilities for each class.

The biggest takeaway? Unprecedented customization. Players will be free to choose individual abilities from the Light and Darkness trees, forging truly unique and potentially devastating class combinations. Bungie also offered a glimpse into the “Transcendence” mechanic, a meter-based system that fuels benefits like melee and grenade regeneration, weapon damage boosts, and a special Light/Dark hybrid grenade.

This news has the Destiny 2 community buzzing. With the expansion “The Final Shape” ushering in the final showdown against the Darkness, the Prismatic subclass seems poised to be a game-changer. Eager Guardians are already theorizing about the most potent builds, itching to experiment with this powerful new way to fight.

Players Ecstatic, Pre-Orders Soar

The reveal of the Prismatic subclass has been met with overwhelming positivity from the Destiny 2 community. Many praise the depth of customization and the potential for exciting new playstyles. This excitement has reportedly translated to a surge in pre-orders for The Final Shape expansion. Reports from retailers suggest a significant increase in pre-order numbers, with some outlets even exceeding initial projections.

The Prismatic subclass also appears to be bringing lapsed players back to the game. Veterans who haven’t logged in for a while are expressing renewed interest, eager to dive back in and explore the possibilities of this unique powerset.

For more details on the Prismatic subclass, including all the juicy fragment and ability info, be sure to check out Bungie’s official blog post.




















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