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Call of Duty 2024 Leak Hints at Familiar Perks and Powerful Newcomers

by | Apr 17, 2024

Call of Duty fans, get ready to strategize your loadouts! A new leak suggests Call of Duty 2024, rumored to be Black Ops Gulf War, might bring back some favorite perks alongside some game-changers.

The leak, originating from a Call of Duty data miner, claims to have uncovered evidence of a perk system featuring classics like Dexterity and Scavenger. But that’s not all. The leak also details some intriguing new perks:

  • Survivor (formerly Last Stand): This perk allows players a second chance after being downed, enabling a self-revive once per life. Additionally, teammates can revive downed players faster with this perk active.
  • Operative: This perk grants a brief window where players can see enemies through walls upon respawning. This wallhack ability could significantly alter how players approach the initial moments after respawning.
  • Ante Up: Starting each life with a 200-point boost towards scorestreaks could accelerate players’ access to powerful killstreaks or tactical support options.

The leak suggests a potential return of the Pick 10 system or a similar perk tier system. This would limit the number of perks players can equip, potentially making the choice between these powerful new perks and classic favorites even more crucial.

While data miners often unearth valuable information, it’s important to remember that these are leaks, not official confirmations. Treyarch, the developers behind Call of Duty 2024, have yet to reveal the official perk system or specific perks.

However, these leaks offer a glimpse into what could be a unique perk system, potentially shaking up the Call of Duty experience. With a mix of familiar and powerful new perks, Call of Duty 2024 could introduce a fresh layer of strategic depth for players to master.

Stay tuned as we await official news from Treyarch regarding Call of Duty 2024 and its potential perk system.




















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