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Warrior Khalisee Loses Fight for Survival, Sparking Global Outrage Against Animal Cruelty in Aruba

by | Mar 31, 2024 | 5 comments

The Luna Foundation Aruba is heartbroken to announce the passing of Khalisee, a brave momma dog who endured horrific abuse and neglect before being rescued. Khalisee’s story has ignited a firestorm of outrage in Aruba and amongst animal lovers worldwide, demanding accountability and action from the Aruban government.

Khalisee was found chained to a tree, her embedded collar causing a severe, infected wound. Her newborn puppies were malnourished and injured. Thanks to a concerned neighbor and the tireless efforts Crioyo Trappers in freeing her and of Luna Foundation members for taking care her in, Khalisee received immediate medical attention at Contreras Veterinary Clinic. While the puppies thrived under foster care, Khalisee, unfortunately, succumbed to the trauma inflicted upon her.

The recent incident of animal cruelty has sparked outrage at the inaction by Aruba’s police force, the Korps Politie Aruba (KPA). Despite clear evidence of abuse, reports indicate the KPA refused to take a statement, citing a lack of proof of intent. Many are questioning this decision. How can chaining a dog named Khalisee to a tree with a small collar and leash not be considered intentional? At the very least, this act constitutes neglect, which falls under Aruba’s “Dog Law.” This law was recently reintroduced in summer 2023 but seemingly forgotten soon after.

The incident has sparked outrage on a global scale, with people in the US, Canada, and the Netherlands taking to social media to demand action from the Aruban government and KPA. Many social media users have tagged Minister Ursel Arends and Prime Minister Eveline Wever Croes, urging them to address animal cruelty seriously and take concrete steps to combat it. This outcry highlights a growing concern that animal welfare is not being given sufficient attention and that past efforts, like the Dog Law, were performative rather than substantive.

Adding fuel to the fire is the revelation of Khalisee’s alleged owner, A.G., a politician affiliated with the MAS party in 2021 and Aruban Entreprenuer. The public is demanding that A.G. be held accountable for his actions.

The Luna Foundation and Crioyo Trappers highlight the need for stricter enforcement of Aruba’s animal welfare laws, particularly the “ley di Cacho” legislation aimed at protecting animals. As mentioned before, the campaign’s initial promise seems to have faded, replaced by inaction. Even their Facebook page dedicated to this effort is inactive since september 2023. This must change.

Khalisee’s story is a stark reminder of the suffering animals endure due to neglect and abuse. Though tragically cut short, her fight has become a powerful symbol for change. The global community stands with Luna Foundation Aruba, demanding justice for Khalisee and a future free from such cruelty.


A.G. has deleted his Facebook Business page, and blocked his Instagram, after people started to calling him out.

  • This is still e developing story.

How can you help?

Crioyo Trappers started a petition on Change.org to End Animal Abuse and Ensure Justice in Aruba.

Support the Luna Foundation Aruba and Crioyo Trappers in their ongoing fight against animal cruelty. Donate, volunteer, or share their story to raise awareness. Together, we can prevent future tragedies like Khalisee’s.

#JusticeForKhalisee #EndAnimalCrueltyAruba


  1. Phyllis

    This needs to stop

  2. Jenaya

    Thank you for telling her story. Please continue to speak on this and press your government to take action. We are angry!! This man must be arrested and put in jail!

  3. Jen Lilly

    As a tourist who regularly travels to Aruba several times per year, I am so saddened and upset. I implore the Aruba govt to please make change with animal cruelty laws. This dog is only one of many who suffers in this country.

  4. Amy M Beaudoin


  5. Glorianna Viscusi

    This is a travesty and heartbreaking 💔
    This man needs to be held accountable for his negligence. He is a monster and a deplorable person.The Aruba government and police need to do something about this.



















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