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Unlikely Internet Stars: Dog and Magpie Separated by Wildlife Officials Has Fans Outraged

by | Mar 28, 2024

The internet continues to simmer with discontent after Australian wildlife officials separated Peggy, the Staffordshire bull terrier, and Molly, her magpie best friend. The heartwarming story of their unlikely bond, which garnered nearly two million followers online, has taken a dramatic turn, sparking heated debate about animal welfare and the ethics of online fame.

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A Chick in Need:

New details have emerged about Molly’s origins. According to a lengthy Facebook post by Juliette Wells, one of Peggy’s owners, they discovered Molly as an abandoned chick in a local dog park. Fearing for the tiny bird’s survival amidst the chaos of unleashed dogs, Wells and her partner, Reece Mortensen, took Molly in, nurturing her back to health with the intention of reintroducing her to the wild.

An Unlikely Bond Blooms:

However, Molly defied expectations. As Wells explains, they “nurtured this magpie, taught him how to feed, fly and put him outside as much as possible.” But Molly, imprinted on the kindness shown by Peggy and her family, chose to stay. This unexpected friendship blossomed during the pandemic, offering a beacon of light and comfort for many struggling with isolation. Wells shared heartwarming photos of the pair online, accompanied by positive messages. These posts resonated with a global audience, propelling Peggy and Molly to internet fame.

From Social Media Stars to Controversy:

Their viral popularity translated to commercial success. T-shirts, calendars, and even a book were produced, marketed as a testament to friendship and kindness. While details of their financial gain remain unclear, a 2022 GoFundMe campaign raised a substantial sum to help Wells and Mortensen purchase their home.

The Split and the Fallout:

This commercialization, however, may have been the catalyst for wildlife officials’ intervention. Worried about a trend of domesticating wild animals for online profit, DESI took action, separating Peggy and Molly. The decision ignited a firestorm of criticism, with fans accusing the department of callousness. Dr. Darryl Jones, a prominent bird expert, further complicated the situation by suggesting Molly might view Peggy’s family as her own, making reintegration into the wild difficult.

The Future Remains Unwritten:

As the debate rages on, Peggy and Molly’s future remains uncertain. The situation highlights the complexities of caring for wild animals, the challenges of online fame, and the delicate balance between animal welfare and emotional bonds. With passionate arguments on both sides, one thing is evident: the internet wants Peggy and Molly reunited, and a solution that prioritizes the well-being of both animals.

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