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Mystery at the Aquarium: North Carolina Stingray Pregnant Without a Mate

by | Feb 26, 2024

Hendersonville, North Carolina (February 26, 2024): Staff at the Aquarium & Shark Lab in Hendersonville are facing a fascinating mystery – a female round stingray named Charlotte is inexplicably pregnant. This unexpected development has captured the attention of scientists and animal enthusiasts alike, as Charlotte has been housed in a tank with only female sharks for over eight years and resides far from her natural habitat in Southern California.

Initial speculation centered around interspecies mating with the sharks, but this was quickly dismissed by experts. The most likely explanation for Charlotte’s pregnancy lies in two possibilities:

  • Parthenogenesis: This form of asexual reproduction allows females to develop offspring from unfertilized eggs. While uncommon in complex vertebrates like stingrays, parthenogenesis has been documented in certain species. This could be the most probable explanation for Charlotte’s surprise pregnancy.
  • Stored Sperm: Although less likely, there’s a chance Charlotte may have retained sperm from a previous encounter, facilitating fertilization even after her separation from any males.

This unusual event presents a unique learning opportunity for the Aquarium & Shark Lab, a small organization dedicated to fostering scientific interest among local students. The aquarium’s director, Brenda Ramer, expressed excitement about using Charlotte’s case to educate visitors about animal reproduction and the diverse strategies employed by different species.

Scientists are actively monitoring Charlotte and eagerly await the arrival of her pups, expected within the next few weeks. This case highlights the remarkable adaptability of animals and the ongoing mysteries that science strives to unravel. As the story unfolds, we can expect further insights into the fascinating world of stingray reproduction and the potential for parthenogenesis in this species.




















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